Shapeoko 5 Pro Spindle to HY VFD Wiring

Anyone know the proper wiring from the Shapeoko 5 PWM (Black, Green, Red) to a HY 110v VFD?

Thank you!

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Don’t use the red green and black wires from the spindle port unless you plan on doing some signal conditioning before it hits the VFD. Instead you will need to use the ICSP port on the SO5 controller. The MOSI pin will go to VI on your VFD and the GND pin will go to ACM. You will also need to program your VFD to have the max input voltage set to 5V(PD070 set to 1). Don’t forget to program the rest of your VFD parameters like motor power either!


I found this today and changed my wiring to use the ICSP port. That allowed me to get rid of my analog gain and offset. It still runs the drive for a second when I “Connect to Controller” in CarbideMotion. I did wire an enable/disable switch on my drive previously for safety. It works much better now. THANKS!!!

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