Shapeoko 5 Pro, Which databse tool should I use in CC

Which database tool should I be using with my machine.
Shapeoko or Shapeoko HDM ?

The speeds and feeds in those lists are adjusted for the material you’re cutting. Pick the closest material to what you have and the size tool you’re using in the list. They’re speeds are a good starting point if you just want to get to cutting.

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I know that but They are different For the HDM.
So Do I take the HDM or the regular shapeoko?
I have a Shapeoko 5

Use the regular Shapeoko as a starting point at this time.

It may be that there will be an update which will change this.

Until that time, starting from the standard Shapeoko feeds and speeds you can work up to quicker cuts with faster tools and deeper depth per pass using the guidelines from:

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