Shapeoko 5 Speed

Would it be reasonable to assume that since the S5 has gone to lead screws, is it going to have a lower maximum travel / cut speed compared to the belt driven systems?

From their blog post on the SO5Pro:

“Now, it wouldn’t be “The Carbide Way” if we made this easy, so we spent the time to make those ballscrews exactly what we wanted. For the X and Y, we got 16mm diameter screws with a 20mm pitch. We did this to ensure that we didn’t lose the travel speeds that we had with belts. We also made sure the X and Y ballscews have our custom wipers to keep the dust and debris out of the way.”


Thanks, that sounds promising. I must have missed that section so thanks for quoting it.

I guess it’s going to be a 5 then if they can ship them fast enough :blush:

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Like me they’re verbose, so it’s easy to miss something. I’ve read it like 100 times. :smiley: My order is in, so hopefully they’re overestimating shipping dates and it gets here before Christmas break. :slight_smile:


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