Shapeoko Ballscrew convertion

I would like to know what size of ballscrew is used in the Z hdz axis or which one could I use to convert my shapeoko pro xxl to a ballscrew

Not sure what the size of the HDZ ball screw is but you can pick whatever size you want if you are going to machine all the parts for a conversion.

I am new and I have my doubts, when using any ballscrew, the pitch of the ballscrew does not matter? because when mounting my Z axis HDZ it had to be configured to run well.

I’m pretty sure it’s a 1605 on the HDZ. That doesn’t mean you need use the same on your X and Y, though.
Regardless of the screw, you can configure your steps/mm to make it work.
I’d recommend posting your ideas here… There are those that have built pretty heavy duty stuff from scratch that may provide input.

5mm pitch on the z axis. 10mm pitch on the x and y. This is what generally works best in the world of hobby cncs which use stepper motors. If you were going to use servo motors or 3phase stepper motors you can easily go with 5mm pitch on all axis. The diameter of the screw will depend on the size of the machine but 16mm works well on small to mid size machines. This is a big simplification though.

Interestingly enough, the new Langmuir mr1 uses 12mm ballscrews and a leadscrew on the z axis.

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Exactly, it would be to use a stepper motor. it is a shapeoko pro xxl that already has the hdz axis.

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