Shapeoko BitSetter (New Product Launch)

Ordered. … THANKS

Christmas just came early! My VCarve Pro question was addressed above thankfully.
Can’t wait.

Ordered! Can’t wait to start using it!

The default Vectric post processor might not support tool changes, but I believe someone was saying it’s not difficult to mod the post processor to support it.

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Thanks for letting us know. Just ordered. It was about $148.00 with tax and shipping (3 day select UPS). Looking forward to getting it.

Yes @neilferreri modified both inch and mm PP for Vectric and posted in another thread.


If I understand correctly, I can use this without having a touch probe? I am assuming I can still zero using the old school paper method.

That’s what I understand too. Setting the initial reference zeroes establishes the offset for the new Z reference at tool change.

Yes, while we include a splitter to connect both, the BitSetter will work with whatever origin is set, however it is set, and will maintain that Z throughout any tool changes.


Sweet, I ordered it up and can’t wait to get it now! I have not hit up the touch probe yet (which I might do now that I’ve upgraded everything else, HDZ, Aluminum top, BitSetter), but this will really help me more than anything! Next up, touch probe, then a 4th axis please!


Correct, you can still zero using whatever method you prefer. BitSetter just manages the offsets.


@Jorge @WillAdams @Luke @edwardrford @robgrz
You guys and your team are awesome, listening to the community and making requests a reality.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!


That’s just gorgeous :+1::+1:

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question that wasn’t clear in the video: Does the Z carriage move to a place where it’s easy to change the bit?

If not consider this a feature request; in the settings have a drop down for where to move the spindle for bit change

  • Above the work piece (just go up)
  • Above the BitSetter position
  • Jog Quick Position Center
  • Jog Quick Position SE
  • … (likely all front row Jog positions)

on an XL/XXL, going straight up might not be the most ergonomic place to swap bits (can be at the back of the machine), especially for people who use an enclosure…

It moves to center front position for the bit change. Not sure if there are any plans to make this configurable in CM.


center front is what I would set it to so… fine with me


Just ordered! Would love to get a clear understanding on if there is a supported way to add tool changes to Vectric. I found this post depicting how to mod the post processor: Vectric V-Carve CNCjs Automatically Populate M6 Tool Change Multiple Tool but it seems like that does not account for tool retract.

Please let us know the best way to approach this!

love this workflow once you have it going.
enjoy using the integrated setter on the Nomad.

I split off the stock wiring and fab’d a probe to set origin quickly.
with CNCjs and macros setup becomes very fluid.

Is there any thought to perhaps combine this bitsetter with the carbide probe?
I imagine the bitsetter could house the brains for the probe, so you’d only need the dummy aluminum puck and accompanying wires to piggyback off the bitsetter. A connection for the wires at the bitsetter for said probe wires and you’re all set (lose the splitter at the board as well).

Cost of carbide probe and bitsetter combined is pretty significant in relation to the overall machine.


It’s conceivable that we’ll revisit both products once we get feedback on the BitSetter itself.

We think the BitSetter will be a game changer but it does impose a workflow that some people won’t benefit from so we didn’t want to merge everything into a single unit at the start.


I try to buy the bitsetter but you don’t ship to quebec city Canada. :frowning: