Shapeoko BitSetter (New Product Launch)

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You guys and your team are awesome, listening to the community and making requests a reality.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!


That’s just gorgeous :+1::+1:

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question that wasn’t clear in the video: Does the Z carriage move to a place where it’s easy to change the bit?

If not consider this a feature request; in the settings have a drop down for where to move the spindle for bit change

  • Above the work piece (just go up)
  • Above the BitSetter position
  • Jog Quick Position Center
  • Jog Quick Position SE
  • … (likely all front row Jog positions)

on an XL/XXL, going straight up might not be the most ergonomic place to swap bits (can be at the back of the machine), especially for people who use an enclosure…

It moves to center front position for the bit change. Not sure if there are any plans to make this configurable in CM.


center front is what I would set it to so… fine with me


Just ordered! Would love to get a clear understanding on if there is a supported way to add tool changes to Vectric. I found this post depicting how to mod the post processor: Vectric V-Carve CNCjs Automatically Populate M6 Tool Change Multiple Tool but it seems like that does not account for tool retract.

Please let us know the best way to approach this!

love this workflow once you have it going.
enjoy using the integrated setter on the Nomad.

I split off the stock wiring and fab’d a probe to set origin quickly.
with CNCjs and macros setup becomes very fluid.

Is there any thought to perhaps combine this bitsetter with the carbide probe?
I imagine the bitsetter could house the brains for the probe, so you’d only need the dummy aluminum puck and accompanying wires to piggyback off the bitsetter. A connection for the wires at the bitsetter for said probe wires and you’re all set (lose the splitter at the board as well).

Cost of carbide probe and bitsetter combined is pretty significant in relation to the overall machine.


It’s conceivable that we’ll revisit both products once we get feedback on the BitSetter itself.

We think the BitSetter will be a game changer but it does impose a workflow that some people won’t benefit from so we didn’t want to merge everything into a single unit at the start.


I try to buy the bitsetter but you don’t ship to quebec city Canada. :frowning:

Interesting, I placed an order to Quebec, maybe there was a problem with the address.

Does the BitSetter come with a macro that will hear me yelling, “Stop! Stop! Stop! Dammit, Stop!!!”? So many frustrations/steps with zeroing Z on smaller projects!

I’ll be ordering anything that will stop this frustrating Pause:Stop:Stop:Homing (again!) cycle when I screw up and not put the grounding wire on the bit when I zero it or don’t turn the router on after zeroing!


Yeah while this should be part of a Carbide Motion discussion, a CANCEL Probing button commonly called an Oh S#*T button when you realize that you forgot something like the grounding clip before the Shapeoko tries to push the probe through the wasteboard. At the moment the only thing you can do is to grind your teeth and wince or pull the plug.


Haha this cracks me up, oh boy I’ve been there more times than I care to mention

I like that the bitsetter doesn’t need a cable clipped to the tool, hopefully the Z probe goes that way too at some stage, that would result in such a slick experience

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What are you seeing?? I’ve watched the video a dozen times and can’t figure it out!!

The aluminum clamps that are being put in the holder that was made.


I figured that was just another one of Winston’s projects. :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile:

Well, if it’s not the clamps, I’m just as lost as you. :slight_smile:

The clamps, they also had the C3D logo etched on the side; so made me think it would be a product in the future. It also seems like each row was an iteration of prototyping/design


Dan, you have Eagle Eyes! I guess I will have to get my magnifying glass out the next time I watch one of his videos.

Hmm don’t see the new one . Blind :grinning: