Shapeoko BitSetter

Anyone have the bit setter connected to Shapeoko XL? If so is it pretty accurate? Also on the XL it says cutting area is 16X33 but it can only go as far back as 12-13 inches measuring from the front lip if the machine. Does it cut outside the front lip to cover the remaining space? So when I put the board that im going to cut, it will be sticking outside the machine. Not sure if what im asking make sense :joy:.

And also Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This page helps especially to a newbie like me!! Mahalo🤙🏽

Yes, in my experience, the BitSetter is dead on.

The cutting area of the machines includes the overhang cutting area at the front.

Please see:


I agree with @WillAdams. My bit setter has been perfect for me. It sure makes changing bits in the middle of a job stress free in terms of precision.


the real question is, does it travel well on airplanes (hand luggage) for when I can next go see my other shapeoko family or does it look too much like a evil movie plot detonator to make the TSA nervous …

frankly same question for Z+ upgrade :slight_smile:


Lol i know right!! That would be crazy if you get detained for them to confirm its not a detonator :joy::joy::joy:

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