Shapeoko cutting leather and kydex

Hi folks,

Thought there might be interest in cutting alternative materials. I’m making custom-fit smartphone holsters with Kydex and leather and my SO3 is heavily involved in my process - both making tooling and then doing trim-off of the molded parts. I’ll be making a few videos that will hopefully be helpful to some, but I figured some folks on the forum might enjoy watching my machine poke 1/16" holes for sewing in 5mm of this hybrid material. I call it my “power awl” :sunglasses:


Very nice! What software are you using for the drilling toolpaths? And what endmills are you using to trim the molded parts?

Looking forward to the additional videos!

Very informative, I love seeing what others are using their machines for.

Thanks guys! I’m using Fusion 360 but I do my modeling in OnShape because F360 lacks any semblance of a configurations system. Trimming I use an Onsrud 1/4" 2 flute downcut endmill. Works great!

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