Shapeoko Feeds and Speeds Question

I am about to cut a paddle out of Oak, now there is no chart about Oak, but I figured I would give it a shot and mill it with the .25" cutter and use the Mahogany Speeds and Feeds.

-I have the Makita Router.

Just have a couple Questions:

-I notice that the “speeds” is significantly faster than say my nomad. To Cut Mahogany its about 9200 RPM, the for the shapeoko its around 19,000.

-However does this speed even matter? You are setting the router to 3.5, so is inputting a speed not necessary on the shapeoko?

-I also notice my plunge is deeper on the Shapeoko, is this due to the fact I’m using a bigger cutting tool?

-Also on the shapeoko chart what is: m/m, CPT and MRR?

Appreciate the help this forum always has!

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I guess you’re using the chart at:

in that case:

  • M/M is meters per minute, (as opposed to surface feet per minute) — this is a calculation of how fast the endmill is rotating
  • CPT == chipload per tooth
  • MRR == Material Removal Rate

(I’ve pasted that in below the Shapeoko table from below the Nomad table)

The reasons for these differences — Nomad feed and speeds are for a 1/8" diameter endmill in a low power spindle

Run a .25 inch end mill in oak at 30-40ipm feed, 25ipm plunge, .1" per pass, rpm as fast as the makita can go. It’ll be fine :slight_smile: Wood is pretty forgiving of cutting feeds and speeds as long as you’re not bogging down the cutter by taking too deep a pass too quickly

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