Shapeoko goes back right and hits limit switches after run

I am slowly getting the hang of using my machine, but I recently ran into an issue after updating all of my software. I like the new Carbide Motion, but I’m having an issue at the end of the run. I have my machine set up to home at the front left instead of back right, but when a job finishes running the carriage goes full back and right and hits my limit switches essentially locking everything. I have to disconnect, turn off the shapeoko, manually move the carriage and then restart everything. Is the moving back and right at the end of the run normal? Is there a setting I can change to stop this?

I’m guessing you have some unsupported bit of G-code at the end of your file — G40 used to do that on my SO1.

The G-code was from Carbide Create, although I think it was from before the latest update. Before the last Carbide Create update, I did mess around with the work coordinate system settings. I’m wondering if one of them is still set at something other than stock.

Carbide Motion uses the coordinate systems to store machine position. This is likely what’s being confused.

Hi Adam,

I think this might be a workflow issue.

We wrote up a doc to explain how homing works (or is supposed to work). Take a look and maybe this will help.


Thanks everyone. I’m going to sit down and make sure all of my work coordinate system settings are back to stock tonight.

Hmmm…checked all of the GRBL settings and the log shows that they’re set per the original shapeoko 3 settings, with the exception of $14. That one is on the FAQ document, but didn’t show up on my log.

How do I reset all of my work coordinate system settings in GRBL?
Would it be /G10 P[1-9] L20 X0 Y0 Z0 using the MDI section in carbide motion?

There’s a sketch which will clear the EEPROM.

Thanks for the help Will. Do you know which version of Arduino board I should use to upload the sketch?

This post should explain it:


Cleared the EEPROM with Arduino IDE…now it connects, but hangs during the homing cycle and doesn’t move.

Check your settings, sounds as if autostart is set off:

Thanks again for all of the help Will, but I still can’t get it to respond. I really envy all of you guys that are so computer literate. I think I’m going to have reflash GRBL to the board.

EDIT: Figured out how to flash the board and got GRBL reloaded. Things are moving now. I think I just need to reset all of the settings to the shapeoko 3 settings. Thanks again.

Not AFAIK. It’s a shame the apps aren’t more able to use URLs for filesources.

I’d suggest contacting — I suspect I’ve probably gotten you out into the weeds, and there’s likely some simple thing which will fix it.

Carbide Motion in particular has picked up some neat features for resetting defaults &c. and I’m sure they’ll be able to square you away.

Thanks again. I’ll follow up with them. Got it moving now, just need to reset GRBL to shapeoko settings.

KB article on that:

Just got everything reset, looks like its working well again. Thanks again for all of the help.