Shapeoko HD 80MM Spindle Mount

(Ahmed Badawy) #1

Just received it today. Does it come with any additional hardware for installation? None of the screws that came off my HDZ router mount fit this mount. Also, I had to use a flat screwdriver to expand the opening to be able to fit my spindle in it.
I tried calling but I guess it was after hours. Is it something that I need to pick up from Home Depot?
Also, do I use the HDZ router mount plate with the eccentric nuts?


(Ahmed Badawy) #2

Any help in here guys? If I need to pickup screws from Home Depot, What size should I be looking for?


(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #3

My apologies. I’m afraid your message wasn’t read by me until after folks had left for the day and it’s now the weekend.

I believe you might need the EZ Tram plate to connect the spindle mount to the HDZ — should be a metric connector — we’ll check.

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(Luke (Carbide 3D)) #4

It should have come with 4 M6 bolts which mate it directly to the face of the HDZ.

It sounds like they are missing in this instance.

When support re-open they can ship these to you.


(Ummm, not sure, but I’ll try...) #5

FWIW my recently ordered mount also arrived without said screws. No problem since I have a collection of metric cap screws due to my (growing) addiction to over the top unneeded modding.

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