Shapeoko HDM Setup For Sale in SoCal (Testing Waters)

Hello all,

Testing waters to sell my very lightly used HDM (110v 1.5kw). It has only been used for 2 wood projects. I bought/built it with the intention of milling aluminum parts for cars/karts, but I just don’t have time for it anymore. I will list the parts below that I have it set up on. I prefer to sell it locally in Socal only so no shipping! Looking to get $7100 for everything! The HDM alone right now after tax is already close to $6k so I think my asking price is fair for what you’re getting and the condition of the machine (basically new). Please let me know if you have any questions about it. Thanks!

Package Includes:

Shapeoko HDM 110v 1.5kw Motor
Everything the HDM originally comes with (tools, clamps, collets, hybrid table that has never been used, sweepy 2.0, #201 Endmill, chiller, warthog)
Chiller filled with PEAK blue antifreeze
Steel Table (48in x 34in / powder coated black)
BitZero V2 (this is an add-on accessory that does not come with HDM)
Mcfly Cutter (New, never used)

Saunders Machine Works 1/2" Full Table Fixture Tooling Plate (replaces hybrid table)
(2 Sets) Saunder Machine Works 1/2" Mod Vises
(2 Pins) Saunder Machine Works 1/2" Fixturing Pins


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