Shapeoko HDM setup issue with Initialize

Just got my HDM and was trying to set it up. I have it all unpacked and moved to a table top. All the electronics are connected with the BitSetter. I’m running Carbide Motion on a mac (build 542). It will no longer initialize. It worked a few times and now won’t work at all.

The z is at the lowest position and it seems to want to go even lower and hitting the hard stop. Under the Settings tab, I loaded the default for HDM travel limits (in Carbide Motion), and also did HDM for Send Configuration Data. The spindle is now at the right rear limit.

The HDM needs to be used w/ build 548 which is now in beta:



Downloaded build 548. Now it errors on “limit switch hit”.

Please let us know at

Wow, first HDM in the wild! Merry Christmas, what a present!

Sorry for the initial frustration, C3D will get it sorted quickly I am sure.

You might post your configuration file, $$.

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Support help me out, I was able to make a first cut.


By any chance could you post a few pictures of your HDM I would love to see how the electronics enclosure looks and if they changed anything else from the prototype.

How far in advance did you get a shipping notice and did the delivery company drop the pallet in front of the house or bring it into the garage?

I’m trying to get ready for my HDM and will probably take the day off work so it’s not left out front unattended.

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Yeah. You have to be there to meet the driver for the delivery. Tell Becky from Carbide3D that you need liftgate service. The driver took it into my garage. They actually shipped it early and I didn’t get notified, but lucky I was home.

I’ll post some photos once I get cleaned up. It’s a big mess with everything everywhere right now.

Also, I didn’t get instructions in the crate. So, look for instructions online, and just a heads up, the instructions omits the part where you have to plug the BitSetter cable into the controller board.

Another thing, as shipped the spindle is near the home position; which means the machine is very unevenly distributed weight wise and may surprise you when you try to lift it. I powered it up while still on the pallet and used CM to move the spindle to the middle of the table so the weight is more centered.

The chiller fluid capacity is about 2.5 gallons. Not 5 gallons as stated in the instructions.


When did you place your order? Hoping mine will be coming soon!

I placed the order when they first announced it.

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The instructions can be found here for anyone looking.


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