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Hi Chaps

Just a quick note of useful information:

Please use the latest Carbide Motion build with the HDM - found here.

HDM instructions can be found here

HDM basic placeholder model
HDM Placeholder (129.2 KB)

HDM Hybrid Table Slat
HDM (91.3 KB)


Excellent post. What plug does the 220v spindle VFD use?

The 220v version uses a L6-20R plug - please check with your local electrician to ensure your socket meets requirements.

Note to keep this topic on topic I have hidden the posts about sockets.


@Luke Do you have any resources related to the new warthog controller you can release i.e. Pinout / Block Diagram / Close up Photos of the PCB? Are there additional PWM headers? Are there additional Input / Output pins the end user will have access to?

I just want to confirm that I can swap the feed hold button or power button for this twist lock button like the HDM prototype has in the video. In case of emergency I don’t want to try to push a tiny flush mounted button I want something easy to hit. What made you change to it to a flush mounted? Also does the feed hold stop the spindle as well or just the gantry movement?

In case of emergency, kill power to the machine, don’t use a feedhold button for that. Feedhold is controlled by software, which I wouldn’t trust in an emergency.


I don’t have anything specific. The VFD has it’s own dedicated control board which is feed through the new Carbide motion board.

What are you trying to achieve?

As Rob notes feed hold isn’t an E-Stop. It will start the feed hold procedure as dictated by grbl. Off the top of my head this is:

X/Y movement pauses
Z retracts
Spindle stops

As a big red button we felt it confusing - and gave the impression it was something it wasn’t.

You are able to change the a button.


Just checking to see if we have available PWM headers or other onboard relays to control addons (Laser , Dust Collector, lighting etc…)

I don’t believe there are any additional - but the PWN could be taken from the vfd.

Ok I will swap the power button out to the twist lock. Once my enclosure is built all the buttons will have to be relocated to an exterior panel anyhow. Does the new carbide motion show the spindle speed value in real time and have a spindle speed override or am I going to have to mount the control enclosure box so the dial is in reach?

An early look - Matt has had his unit and posted a couple of videos on facebook:


Do you happen to have a “cheat sheet” with the parameters set in the EM60 VFD in case they are accidentally “reset”?

It isn’t possible to accidently re-set the VFD parameters, but we do have a document in place for customers who need to troubleshoot the VFD parameters. If you email into support with your order no we can provide this.


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I could swear I saw a post that mentioned the connector used for the bitzero, but can’t find it.
Perhaps it was for an older board?

Can anyone share the connector model/type?

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