Shapeoko Initialize issue with new laptop

I had to get a new laptop and downloaded create and motion like before but when I initialize the machine it goes to the back right spot and then won’t move. I can’t load a new tool and it won’t jog at all. I haven’t really had any issues with the older software and laptop but now it won’t do anything. Any ideas?


Hi Dan,

For new installations of Carbide Motion, you have to go through the machine selection, axis selection, and configuration sending steps to get it work properly.

Have you done those?


Nope! I have not. Thank you for the reply!

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Thanks for the help Gerry. I did all that and now it’s stuck in the front left corner. Any ideas?

Ha! Well at least that’s a change.

Did it move to the front left corner when you initialized it?

Do you have a BitSetter? (you have to pretend you don’t have one before initializing, then later set that up)

Yeah! Better than nothing. Yes I have the bitsetter.

Okay… so make sure you tell it you don’t have one before you initialize.

So I did no bitzero but enabled bitsetter.

You must disable the BitSetter in Carbide Motion before initializing. The software is still written in a way that expects the BitSetter to be added to a fully configured machine, even though C3D now ship machines with them as standard.

It’s still acting like it doesn’t see a limit switch. Motor keeps pounding into the left bottom side everytime I try to initialize.

Well, there is no limit switch in the left lower side… they are all in the back right corner. It seems like your machine is running in the wrong direction.

Hopefully someone else can chime in - I’m out of ideas! Sorry :slight_smile:

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OK, that’s what I thought. Thanks fore your help, I really appreciate it.

New install of cm has to be configured. This is done by sending the config to the Shapeoko. This configs both Shapeoko and cm. CM remembers what machine you have. If you have an xxl and xl cm remembers the last machine configured. So if xxl is last configed and you use xl next you must send config for xl or cm thinks that you are still using xxl. New install needs to be configed to operate properly. Leadscrew is a z-plus and ballsctew is hdz. If you have so3 you might have belt z.

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Hi Guy, I did that and it initializes and goes to insert tool but it’s a little further back than normal. It then goes back to the rear of the machine seeming to look for the bitsetter and goes down into the wasteboard.

Power up, connect to the machine, go to Settings and disable the BitSetter — that will then allow the machine to initialize — once it has initialized you can configure the BitSetter per:

Thank you Will! All set up and thanks to everyone else.

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