Shapeoko Laser CO2

Shapeoko CO2 Laser (First Attempt):

I used chine’s component from Aliexpress with 52 focus lenses and two mirrors (45$) , 40w laser tube (98$) and power supply to support 40w (83$), Laser mount (38 USD) and finally air pump 18watt (35 USD)
i used my 3d max script to convert 3d paths into gcode

3d Max script to convert path into gcode


Component list:

Laser Lens & Mirrors:
Laser head & parts :

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You are already where I seem to be headed-thanks for pioneering!..Great work! Please keep up the info-and the great work!!

Encouraging :slight_smile: thank you

I had considered buying a cheap laser cutter and cannibalizing it for optics, to add to the Shapeoko platform. I had been looking at the laser diodes, but they were not promising from a point of cutting. But 40 watts for a little over twice the price-there is the clear answer… I really appreciate your work and your sharing…if you have pictures of the setup, I would love to see them! Thanks again!
Willliam Stokes

1- you could get 5.5w laser that could cut up to 2mm wood for 120 USD i think
2- 40 W Laser CO2 is not finished yet as i face issues with the focus and the exhausting sucks the solution i have is to use vacuum cleaner instead of buying 200 USD exhausting sucker.

3- Sure will share the setup shortly


I am designing an enclosure for my XXL, and will have both localized vacuum for cutting debris and an exhaust fan for fumes-I did see all of the smoke going behind the machine in your video…
On diode vs tube as the wood density and composition varies, so does the power necessary to cut it-even thin pieces-especially burls and figured woods, so having enough power for what ever I put under it is important.

I can cut 3mm quality birch ply with my 2.8 watt diode laser (Emblaser) but it takes 7 fairly slow passes. About the same for 3/16" clear pine. It cuts solid coloured 2mm acrylic with 4 passes.
Most of the cutting I do with it is on thinner material though along with lots of surface etching/engraving on all sorts of materials (except metal).

PVC shouldn’t really be on the list above. It puts off very toxic and corrosive fumes when burned. It can ruin you and your machine, even with good ventilation to the outdoors it’s bad for the environment.


I Agree with you but the major issue with the slow passes is the unclean, coarse, burned and unprofessional edges.

There is another type of laser it called YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) lasers used instead of CO2 laser in professional CNCs that is not too complex to be fixed in shapeoko but unfortunately it’s too expenses for experimental purposes.

anyway it’s nice idea to have your CNC with adjustable head to suits all your need. milling, engraving, burn, 3D printing and this will be my next target.


Very Cool! Metal veneer! I will have to get rid of some of the alligators around me as soon as I can get the fires out, and spend some time getting ready to jump in instead of watch you have all the fun!

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