Shapeoko Location

When I purchase my Shapeoko XXL, I would like to locate it in my workshop. My workshop
is in a building(outside of course) and is not insulated, heated or does not have air. My concern
is can I safely locate the Shapeoko in this type of environment.

Hummidity here in the Memphis area gets pretty high. I could insulate the building and put in a
window a/c unit but I still will have the high humidity.

Will this high humidity affect the performance or void the warranty of the shapeoko?

The major concern is condensation due to rapid changes in temperature.

The machine is substantially like the mechanism of the starter in a car (an electric motor under electronic control, moving parts using a timing belt) — the difference is, we don’t expect a starter motor to move precise increments.

Specifics are noted at:

Yep, I left mine in my unheated garage all winter in MN and it was just fine. I used with a heater warming it up when I went out and never had issues.

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I too live in a high humidity region (southeast Texas). I installed dehumidifiers in my shop and garage to combat rust and other moisture related problems. I own an XXL and my primary concern with humidity is the MDF wasteboard expanding and/or warping. Without the dehumidifiers the humidity in my shop gets to 75% or more sometimes. This causes many other problems including mold and mildew.


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