Shapeoko made ukulele

This is a soprano ukulele that I made almost completely on the Shapeoko. The main body, neck, bridge and soundboard were machined by me while the rest of the parts were purchased (listed below). Both the neck and body are basswood with a thin layer of purple heart used as trim. The body was milled from a solid block. The soundboard is spruce wood and the bridge is cherry wood with a dark stain.

Here’s how she sounds. I had to employ my girlfriend to play it for the video because ironically I can’t play!

Link to download Fusion 360 model here:

Dimensions: 21"L x 6.5"W x 2.2"D
Raw Materials: bass, purple heart, cherry, spruce
Purchased materials:


That is fantastic work, holy! Great work, looks awesome!!!

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Ditto that! A fantastic project.
Now I’m gonna have to come up to speed w/F360 (there are not enought hours in the day).

Hey Andrew-

That’s an amazing project! Do you mind if we add this to the projects section of the website?


Absolutely, go for it. Thanks!