Shapeoko Plunged All The Way Through Stock

Ok. I’m currently running a project. It’s a napkin holder with a carving of a tree on the outside. I did one piece yesterday and on the initial start even after probing and the machine a shapeoko 4xl, plunged all the way through the material. I double and tripled checked before I sent the file what the parameters were as far as stock thickness and yet it still went right down through the stock. I stopped it and after fiddling with the depth had it set for .25 inches. Ran it with the intent of then having it go even deeper but liked the look of it that way. Since it is such a long pocketing operation I decided to wait until the next day to do the other side of the holder which is basically the same file. I put the other piece of wood on the table and probed and set it about the task only to have it in one section of the wood go all the way through the piece ruining it and not all the way though on the other side. Any idea why it would even ignore the code. Looking through the G code everything points to 0.25 as the max dept for G.

If you didn’t make an error in the probing operation, then it would either be something mechanical: lost steps on retract, or electrical: loss of connection caused lost steps on retract.

Usually the mechanical issues are obviously visible — a hose or something will interfere, while electrical issues are accompanied by an awful noise.

Thanks. I think it maybe electrical but I’m not sure. I ran it again on a test piece and no errors at all. I do find sometimes after the machine is connected that it loses power and hence the connection even though the power switch is depressed. Power comes back sometimes without me noticing or right after a light tap to the button which is still depressed.

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