Shapeoko Pro 5 XL size for enclosure

Just ordered a Pro 5XL. Am upgrading from a S03XXL.

Looking for some more specific measurements on the 5 xl for sizing my table/enclosure while I wait for the machine to arrive. Footprint per the website is 60 in(X) x 35 in(Y) x 21 in(Z) but saw some other reports that the enclosure/ table should be a few inches wider than the footprint, particularly near the front to accommodate the dust shoe. Is there really much of a need to provide much additional offset for the enclosure on the back and sides? Thanks in advance!

I do not know the exact measurements of the SO5 but you can measure the outside foot print and make your enclosure at least 6" wider in all directions to enable you to do maintenance and clean the machine. When it comes to height make it as high as possible. Again for maintenance and placing your material inside the enclosure. A lot of people have made enclosure and the ones with a front door that hinges up out of the way seems to be best. You need to do dust extraction and you need the dust collection hose to come from the top and have enough room to reach the 4 corners of the machine.

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I am assuming you have the SO5 2x4.
60" on the X is plenty, for the Y, I think 35 is also plenty.

One issue to consider is the vaccum hose. I have a 4x4 and I had to run a drop line from my ceiling to get enough play in the hose. If you plan on doing an enclosure, you may have to figure out some type of slide system for the X direction hose attachment. Otherwise the hose will pullout of the sweepy hole.

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