Shapeoko Pro - Auto Part Prototyping and Production

I’ve been using my Shapeoko Pro to make prototype parts, molds and even some production parts for our company. It’s amazing what these machines can do. I thought I would start a thread to show some different uses than normal for the Pro. I use fusion 360 for all design and a combination of mesh cam and fusion for cam. I’ll update as I do more parts.

My website is

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Here are some part designs we cut the last two days…


Here are some in progress part photos and after powder coating


Impressive! Anything in the pipeline for 914s?

Thank you, and yes we are starting to look at the 914 parts and trying to decide on what to start with. Lots of fun parts to make

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A small trim part from design to production today, great finish with a single flute .125 and a.125 ball


What finish is that? Bead blasting? Vibratory tumbler?

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120 aluminum oxide blasting after cnc

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