Shapeoko Pro or 4

I am going to get a Shapeoko Pro or 4. I can not decide because the area it will be going in is in my garage in a room i built. I live in Michigan so we have a good bit of moisture and humidity. But i will have a Dehumidifier in the room and ac. Would it be fine to have the Shapeoko pro with the linear rails and the moisture? Thanks in advanced.

Yes, w/ the dehumidifier running it should be fine — my machines are all in a basement which my dehumidifier constantly struggles against, but are fine.

I toss desiccant packets into my tool boxes and keep the drawers closed.

Ok thanks also what rags do you recommend for cleaning the linear rails after each use?

Ideally you wouldn’t need to wipe off the linear rails each time — dust collection should keep stuff off of them — usually anything which sticks ends up pushed to the extreme ends (top/bottom for me currently, though I just got my Pro) and I’ll just wipe it off w/ a dryer sheet (benefit of the machine being in the basement w/ the laundry room).

I suppose the blue shop rags such as:

would be what I’d use if I needed to purchase something.

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