Shapeoko Pro Shapeoko 3 XXL setting

Just finished assembling the Shapeoko Pro XXL with HDZ and have run the software setup several times watching the Carbide video.
Everything is fine except the program will not save the machine size setting, it did save the machine type configuration. Reverts back to the Shapeoko 3 XXL setting if it actually changed. I have attempted this several times. Went thru the process to move the spindle to the bit setter location to configure the bit setter hoping somehow this would help. I had the Y cables crossed to begin got that sorted out and started from scratch. What am I missing? As always appreciate any help. Like a lot of folks been wanting to get my hands on a Pro and itching to see it in action.

I don’t think the menu setting sticks, if you selected the right model and sent configuration, you should be good to go. Do you have any problem about how the machine behaves after the configuration step?

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No, other problems and I swear I did not do anything other than the same thing I have been doing for the last hour and half. I went thru the complete process again and it worked fine, initalized and then correctly went to the bit setter and zeroed. Went thru the process twice just to make sure.
Thank you for getting back to me so soon. I actually got back on just to say whatever it was it is working correctly for now. Our IT guy hated when called I have the strangest things happen when it come to computer related issues.

@Julien is correct. The configuration sent is what ever you sent. If you go back into the config menu it defaults to certain machines. That does not mean that you need to correct that. Once you initialize and the machine can jog to the limits of the size machine you have you are set.

The sending of the configuration does set your machine controller but more importantly it configures Carbide Motion for what machine it is connected to. So if you upgrade to a newer version or another computer you need to send the configuration so CM knows what you are working with.