Shapeoko pro sold out?

Hi all!

I’ve been waiting and waiting and contemplating getting the shapeoko Pro xxl and I added it to my cart Friday, and waited a few more days to contemplate the decision.

Today was the day I wanted to purchase it but now it’s sold out!!

Does anyone know when there will be more in stock?

Putting things in a shopping cart does not reserve it. If you want a Pro go to the store site and sign up for the email “Notify me when Available” when they are back in stock and when notified dont dilly dally around if you want one.


The logic behind the stop and go approach was described in this blog post, basically they only take as many orders as they can fulfill while keeping waiting time reasonable, or that’s how I understood it anyway.
You can ask if they have visibility on exactly when the next batch should be.


I recently ordered (and received) a Pro xxl but it took a few attempts. I’m not any part of the Carbide team but what I noticed the few weeks I attempted to buy one. Friday 9am CST they were listed and by around 11am they were sold out. I agree with the other’s if your interested and see it in stock make it happen.

How long did yours take from order to delivery? I just ordered Saturday and already cant wait.

From ordering to my doorstep took just over 2 weeks and this included crossing the border into Canada and the machine having a 6 day layover clearing customs.

Nice I think I can wait that long. It gives me some time to get everything else ready.

This service must also be out of stock as well because I did just that a while back and no email …yet I hear others just go a place an order out of turn with no problems.

That really chaps my hide. This is worst then trying to score an XBox X or PS 5 during Christmas.

If the Carbide 3D Marketing and Sales team is reading this take notice there will come a time that no matter how great of a product you create you will lose major market share because you can’t supply the demand and your prospects will happily give their hard earned money to your competitors.

Here is a proven business fact… your customers will lose 10% vested interest in your company no matter how happy they are with your product or service for every week they are not assured by you that the product they want to buy is on its way to them.

Good luck :+1: :four_leaf_clover:!!

I truly wish you well because I like your product and this amazing community you have created of awesome people. If it was not for the users I would have moved on long ago

Keep an eye on their blog. If they say when they’re going to release more for sale, be at your computer clicking refresh that morning. I got my Pro XXL by check at 7:30am PST the day they were being released. An hour later they were sold out. I think they are central or east coast time zone. It’s like trying to get concert tickets for a major band, gotta be first in line.

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Ordered April 2nd. Shipped April 8th (IL to MN). Delivered April 9th.

@Sasquatch the email notice worked for me a few weeks back, maybe worth checking your junk mail folder in case you email program filtered it as spam just to be sure.


I wasn’t getting the e-mails for the HDZ through the C3D website last year until I switched to my gmail e-mail from my Netscape e-mail address. After I was getting the emails, I would stand on the ledge with the HDZ in the cart for a little too long just to have it sell out when I hit the pay button haha.

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