Shapeoko Pro standard question

I have my Shapeoko 3 mounted to this Dewalt stand.
Does the Shapeoko Pro standard have holes on the underside of the frame.
I used the holes from the shapeoko 3 Feet to mount to the Dewalt cart.

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The Nomad tubes have holes in them which can be seen at:

If they don’t line up, best to put an MDF sheet in-between.

Yikes! That setup scares me :grimacing:

There are large holes in the cross supports but I don’t think they’re for mounting. Here’s a pic of one I could see.

You’ll see the aluminum extrusion slightly overlaps it. You won’t be able to put a bolt through there without modifications.

If you’re going to use the saw horses, I recommend building a surface that uses those 2x4 slots and then screw that surface to the saw horses. That’s how I operated for months until I recently built my enclosure.

This is bottom pic of my table on sawhorse method of support. You can do this for under $50. Definitely beats buying a new Shapeoko after it crashes to the floor.

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