Shapeoko pro table

Looks nice and the feeder table too! Got the rockler feet on mine… It is a beast to get up on them (heavy!) and a fearful thing dropping them back down. :smiley: I’m not sure what option I’d do if I did them over but just know its not nearly as kick up as using those wheels on a sanding cart. hehe!

@JimJr Which Rockler Rocksteady Parts for 4x2 Bench? - #10 by LordofCandy I followed the 4x4 route. Cost was around $200 with the brackets being the most expensive. Doing it over I’d just to half lap. I thought I was saving time but getting those brackets in was just as time consuming. :smiley: The table will be a hand me down as it is a freaking tank. haha!

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