ShapeOKO Pro Upgrade

I have a Shapeoko Pro XL that I purchased in Feb of 2021. I’m using a makita router.
Would the Shapeoko HDZ be a good upgrade for this machine.
What would i gain and can i use the existing makita router mount.

Also what is involved in the switchover. Anyone have experience doing this


Here’s the install video for the HDZ:

Should give you a decent oversight on what you gain, and what’s involved.

You could use the existing router, I think at this point the main limitation you may be running into (if any at all) would be the router itself. Other people can chime in here with more firm experience/numbers/whatever, but I’d guess most people would suggest a VFD and then onto the HDZ.
Stock z should be able to handle a VFD, but not sure how many people are doing that currently.

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I have the SO3 XXL and I upgraded to the HDZ. The HDZ has more steps to move a given distance over the Z-Plus. This is an advantage when precision is required. The HDZ is rated to use with heavier spindles over the trim routers. So again precision movement and more versatile spindle options. The spindles have a much greater range of rpm for more varied material. The spindles have more power over the trim router and the Pro machine can take advantage of that power output.

Now the question is any of the above an issue that the HDZ will solve for you. If the answer is no then keep what you got. If the answer is yes then the HDZ might be right for you. They used to actually say on the website for C3D that the HDZ was overkill for most users and likely it is but who does not want overkill.


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