Shapeoko Pro X axis issues

I have a Shapeoko Pro XXL. It homes fine, goes to the Bitsetter fine, but it will only jog to the left a few inches past center before it starts skipping the belt and making all kinds of bad noises. It will not allow any movement to the left side at all unless the machine is off and I physically move it over there. Please help me.

Is anything getting hung up mechanically?

Any loose bolts or screws for things to catch on?

Is the wiring in good condition?

Make a video and send it in to if you don’t find anything obvious to address.

There doesn’t appear to be anything mechanically wrong. Nothing catching, like I said, I can move it freely to the left by hand when the machine is off so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t move to the left under power.

I would double check your motor connections. Make sure they’re seated in good.

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