Shapeoko Pro XL Build Update

Waiting for some items to complete my build. New mount for the spindle. Seems it was not machined correctly and i cannot tighten the screws enough to clamp the router. Two cables with bad connections on the Y axis rail. YR motor and X sensor cable. Fixed the X Axis pulley per the notes from other folks. Also waiting for fill strips to complete installation of the Hybrid Table. Everything should be here today.

Powered up and initialized the machine and that’s where i found the cables with loose connections. Need to load the newest version of Motion to have the settings available for the Pro XL.

Assembly went pretty smooth but as someone else mentioned the drag chain assembly is a little confusing. But with closer view of the video and assembly instructions i figured it out.

Got all my issues fixed today with the new cables and the router mount. Was able to initialize and jog the machine. Woo Hoo. Still need to install the strips and build the hybrid table. I’m Happy Now.


I had issues with my router mount as well and was unable to securely mount my router initially. After several attempts of unscrewing and recrewing (maybe stripping) I was able to securely mount the router.

Filler strips were missing for me in my deliver but support have since sent me replacements.

I’m having issues initializing my machine currently and looking through the forums for input from others. I installed the latest version of Carbine Motion and configured it to use Shapeoko Pro XXL settings. When I try initializing my machine, it moves to the corner where the bitsetter is and starts thumping. It’s not clear if it’s the X or Y access yet but it’s not a good sound.

If the machine moves forward when homing then the Y-axis is reversed.

Check in with — it may work to power down and swap the two Y-axis connectors to reverse the Y-axis.

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It should move to the back right corner to initialize. Not to the front right. Switch the YL and YR motor cables on the controller board.

Also you may need a replacement motor mount. Mine was hosed, seems the threads were not cut deep enough to tighten the router. The replacement one they sent me fixed the issue.


Thanks for the tips. I switched the YL and YR motor cables and it now goes back to the back right corner of the machine. I had to slightly adjust the limit switches as well for them to detect the machine and light up the controller.

I’m not sure what the issue is now so I will reach out to support. My machine heads to the back right corner and the USB Tx/Rx lights keep flashing and Carbide Motion tells me the machine is busy. I don’t see a way to gather logs and try to diagnose what is going on and I’m new to CNC.

Put a piece of metal like the router wrench in front of the right rear limit switch. See if the light comes on on the switch, and the Y limit switch light comes on on the controller board. Could be a bad limit switch, or wiring to that limit switch, or you have the limit plugged into the wrong cable or connector on the controller board.
Check all three limit switches the same way. X, Y, and Z.
Limit switch wiring on the controller should be Z - Top, Y - Middle, and X, Bottom

If the Z axis and moves all the way up and homes, and the X axis moves all the way to the right and homes then everything is connected correctly and the problem is with with Y axis limit or the wiring in its connector. Give a slight tug on the wiring on the Y axis connector and see if any wires are loose. If you cant see a light on the limit and on the controller board when you place a wrench near it the issue is the Y limit itself

One more thing to look at, look at the position of the Y axis limit. Make sure the plate from the Y axis just passes over the top of the Y axis limit. Maybe the limit is too high and the plate is hitting the limit before it passes over it, or the limit it too low and the plate is too far away from the top of the limit.

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I’m missing those fill strips also. Problem with my probing cycle that i cant figure out.