Shapeoko Pro XL reliability issues

My Shapeoko Pro is down more than it is working…

I purchased my Shapeoko Pro XL in April and have two bouts of X-Axis stutter. The first took me 3 weeks to resolve and required a new processor and the second is underway where I have an intermittent X-Axis stutter. I say intermittent but I have lost three projects now because my CNC acts as if all is well only to develop the stutter, knocking X off its accurate tracking, and then carving along the incorrect location.

It’s heartbreaking because I am trying to make money and am wasting so much time troubleshooting it waiting for replacement parts.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Causes of such problems include:

  • electronics, either the controller, or wiring/connectors
  • linear axis/rail issues — usually this is a lack of lubrication, or dust getting packed into the bearing blocks
  • the pulley/belts — either loose/missing set screws, loose hardware holding the motor in place, or insufficient belt tension

Please let us know what you find out at and we will do our best to work through these issues with you as quickly as may be.

I have the exact same problem with my xxl pro.Went through machine many many times, wiring, mechanical, pulley etc…I finally replaced the x axis motor. So far so good. cost me lots of $$$$$$ in scrapped wood glue ups.

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