Shapeoko Pro XL

Anyone heard of an update when this will be ready for sale?

You may want to reach out to
I think they were aiming for early next year? But I could be wrong with that

Website shows nov 15th, just thought someone may have one. If it’s next year I’ll have to upgrade to another CNC.:sob:

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Right, again, best bet is sales, as they would know.

Please see:

That is for the XXL version, I am looking for the XL pricing and availability or are some XL ready to be shipped?

Everytime I go on youtube I get ads for xcarve pro. Not to talk politics but I was hoping to not be bombarded with political ads on youtube after us election. So between xcarve and political ads I am over youtube.

Per the announcement:

the XXL size is being released first to simplify things, and the smaller sizes will be worked down to as any potential issues are worked out.


Poster is asking due to the note found on the Pro page:

XL and Standard Sizes:

We’re hoping to have the Standard and XL sizes available to order by 11/15/2020.


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