Shapeoko Pro XXL Assembly (X/Y Drag Chain Support Panels)

I’ve already emailed/called support, but wanted to make this post in the event that any other new Shapeoko Pro owners are having this particular issue.

Documentation link that I’m following:

Right after laying our the horizontal crossmembers in step 1.1.1, you’re instructed to place down the X/Y drag chain support panels. The panels listed in the guide do not look like the ones that came with my kit.

The parts in the guide: (I can only upload 1 image in a post as a new user so I’ll refer you to PAGE 5 in the guide link above)

The parts I received:

I circled the weird cutout and the raised screw hole (not sure what this would be called).

My questions were:

  1. Is this the correct part? (Maybe it was just updated and the guide was not?)
  2. The 2 support panels are mirror copies - are the raised screw holes supposed to face upwards or downwards?

Responses from support:

  1. Yes, this is the correct (updated) part
  2. The embedded nuts face downward

Thank you Brandon Lee!

Updated, Yes, nuts face down

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