Shapeoko Pro XXL Disconnecting

Carbide isn’t picking up their phone for support.

Machine keeps disconnecting after running through a few lines of G-Code. This didn’t used to happen, and i have been running the same dust collection system.

Last month, I reached out to Carbide, and they gave me this checklist. I ran through the checklist, bought things that didn’t help at all, and now I’m not sure what to do.

"Start at step 1 and work your way down:

  1. arrange the AC cable for the spindle (trim router) so that it doesn’t cross or be near any of the other cables
  2. if you’re using a laptop, ensure that it is plugged in, preferably to a grounded outlet using a 3 prong plug if possible
  3. if you’re using a USB extension cable or unpowered USB hub, please directly connect the machine using a shorter than 6 foot USB cable — if your cable doesn’t have a toroid (metal cylinder often molded into the end of the cable) and you have a cable which has that feature, try it, if not consider adding one or getting a cable which has that feature
  4. try a different USB port, esp. if you have the option to switch from USB3 to USB2 — if using a laptop try a good-quality powered USB hub — some laptops undervolt the USB ports to save power. Make sure that the cable isn’t being jostled or disturbed.
  5. if your spindle (trim router) power cable doesn’t have a toroid, try adding one (note that what seems to be a toroid on most trim routers is actually an anti-theft device on all the ones I’ve seen). Note that worn carbon brushes or a loose connector on a trim router may cause arcing which results in EMI.
  6. if possible, connect the spindle (trim router) and the machine through a different circuit
  7. if you have a surge protector, please connect the machine through it
  8. check the ambient humidity, if low, consider a humidifier
  9. if using dust collection, ensure that your dust hose does not allow static build-up, or is properly grounded
  10. Connect the machine with a galvanic isolator such as this one:"

At my wits end with this faulty machine. Anyone have any insight on what could be the problem?

Saw your ticket on support and replied there.

It is getting colder in most of the US. The moving bit, dust collection tends to make static. Static is the cause of 99% of disconnects. Make sure you have grounded your dust collection port and/or hose. Make sure your spindle is grounded. The only way to avoid static is to ground your equipment so it never builds up a static charge in the first place. As we progress farther into winter the air will dry and static will only increase.

One thing I do is never connect my laptop power supply while cutting on my Shapeoko. This seems to help because the machine is grounded (hopefully) and that gives the route to the ground to the machine not your laptop. A few people have had static problems and when they traced down their electrical connection that had no ground on the plug at the wall. That makes you rely on the neutral which has voltage on it with no ground. So double the basics. KISS Keep it Simple Stupid first before you go off on tangents looking for problems that may be fixed by KISS.

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Thanks for the tip on the static electricity.

(ESD) electrostatic discharge is starting to speak my language as a NASA engineer. Spacecraft and rocket stuff

When I was a System Support Engineer for Sun Microsystem and Oracle we had to use static mats and have them tested regularly. I worked in Houston which is about as humid as it gets but in giant computer rooms with the air conditioner running it dried out the air and they wanted to protect $100,000.00 system boards. I now live in East Texas where it regularly 80% humidity and you can still get static here. Once in a while a front comes through and drys out the air and I have occasionally gotten disconnects. Most dust collection hoses do not consider static so if you buy any new ones get the static resistant ones instead of ones that dont mention it.

Love your history you’ve done some fun stuff.

You can not get any we’re near a payload some up to $1 billion without taking precautions. I have mopped a lot of floors trying to get the humidity up.

I was just laughing at my self because we just had hurricane Nicole come through Which Is the opposite of low humidity.

Don’t worry I laid on top of my CNC you to keep it safe ha.

In any event it’s a great topic for people to hear about

Have you checked the brushes in the router? May be worn and causing good interference.

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So there are some good ones out there!
I have only met the bad ones! :rofl:


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