Shapeoko Pro XXL Initializing Issue With Bitsetter

Good afternoon everyone,

After weeks of issues with my new machine It was finally running properly as of Friday. I made my first sign, and now when I try to initialize the machine it moves to the back right corner as it is supposed to. Then it comes to the front and asks for a tool. After putting a bit into it, it moves to the back right corner and then the router goes down the Z-Axis and buries the pit into the MDF… It will vibrate the entire table for a few seconds and then give a message stating “Probing cycle failed”. It completely skips the bitsetter now which was not happening two days ago.

You probably need to set (reset?) the BitSetter position

Any idea how I go about doing that?

Connect to the machine but don’t initialize.
Go to the Settings menu and uncheck the BitSetter enable box. You should then be able to initialize correctly, without the BitSetter sequence involved.
Finally, set the BitSetter location and re-enable it as per the instructions in the Assembly manual, chapter 10.6


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