Shapeoko Pro XXL is fantastic!

So, I got the Pro XXL in November of 2021. Except for a few issues which between Carbide 3D support and my own learning process corrected, this has been and is still a great machine!
I have seen posts by some who report not having good experiences, but in my case, when you accurately describe your issue and accurately describe your workflow process, support has always been able to help me resolve any issues!
Folks have to understand that there are a lot of us and only a limited number of Carbide 3D employees who can help. Pandemic did not do them any favors either!
With that said, I recently purchased the MC Etcher bit set. When they arrived, I ran a job using recommended settings and neither bit lasted through the job! Emailed support and with the help of Brandon and Fleming, I now have replacements on the way! This process only took a few days and the Carbide 3D folks are great!



I’d be interested in knowing what you did to cause the problems and what was the solutions. I have the same bits and I don’t want to make the same mistakes.


Sorry for taking so long to reply, I travel for work!
Ok, I believe that the issue was that I used a vector and created a pocket operation with a small stepover to completely fill the vector. Glass is very hard and doing that much drag engraving on glass to fill the vector instead of a hatch pattern was way too much for the diamond drag bits.

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