Shapeoko PRO XXL- Just finished Setup

Hey there! I just purchased Shapeoko PRO XXL on Black Friday and I had time to set it up yesterday. The setup was very straight forward and the organization of parts, in combination with the Assembly Guide, made it a very enjoyable process.

I found out my Macbook cannot be update the iOS, so I’ll be purchasing a Microsoft Surface today and searching the Feature Request Board for an iPad integration Feature Request.

Just saying “Hi” to the Community, as I’m sure I’ll be leaning into y’all as I start making chips.

PS- I love the Discourse Community format! I’m a moderator for a Company who also uses Discourse, so I feel right at home. :slight_smile:


All operating systems lock into their environment. However it seems that Apple locks you not only in but out quite a bit. I have an HP I5 Laptop that is one generation processor back from being able to update to Windows 11. I bought a new HP I7 laptop and am loving it so far. I have worked on just about every operating system out there and some that are not defunct. All have issues but some are insurmountable.

Be sure to look here on the forum about the Surface machines. I seem to remember people had to do somethings to get them to work with CM and their Shapeoko. They always got them to work but check it out to avoid frustration.

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Thanks for the advice @gdon_2003! I’ve been lurking around the boards to find out about the surface.

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