Shapeoko Pro XXL not 'Homing'

I have been trying to ‘home’ my machine, without success. It is a Shapeoko Pro XXL that I just completed assembling.

  1. I followed the instructions to ‘Home’ it, but the machine only moves back and then stops.

  2. Then I get the following error message: ‘GRBL Error: Homing Failed, could not find limit switch’ (please see attached picture)

  3. I tested each of the 3 sensors by bringing a wrench near them and all red and blue lights turn on.
    Also, in the ‘settings’ section of Carbide Motion each active input is shown.
    So, the limit switches are working.

  4. Also, I can move the X/Z assembly smoothly left and right across the gantry if the machine is turned off.

Can you please provide me advise in order to succcesfully home my machine?

Thank you and regards,


Hi @RRP,

From what you describe, it is likely that it is a matter of mechanical adjustment of the homing switch position, it might be positioned just a tiny bit too far. On a Pro, a typical case is that the X/Z gantry hits the black bumpers at the end of rail just before the X homing switch triggers. Try repositioning the X homing switch as far to the left as possible?

If that does not work, contact and they’ll have a look with you to fix the problem.

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Hello Jared, thank you.

I have contacted the Carbide 3D support and performed all what they have advised (what I wrote in the initial message) but its not fixing the issue.

Does the X limit switch LED light up once the X gantry reached the right end of the rail during homing ?

Any chance you could capture a video of that failed homing and upload it to a video/file sharing site, then post the link it for us to review ? It may give us hints about what exactly is failing.

Don’t give up on support though, they’ll stick with you until this is fixed.

There is a video on adjusting the switches at:

I have this issue with my Pro XXL as well. I’ve just learned to live with it, to be honest. Usually takes 3-4 attempts to finally get the machine initialized because the X-axis limit switch never triggers correctly. I have moved the limit switch as far as it will go.

Do you have a spacer for your X-axis homing switch?

Contact us at and let us know the specifics and we’ll do our best to assist.

Here is what position my x limit switch ended at, after building my Pro XXL.