Shapeoko Pro XXL $$ settings

It looks like I botched up my configuration. I am in contact with support already and they are being helpful, but due to the time difference, the progress is not as quick as my impatient me would like it to be. :slight_smile:

I recently learnt about the $$ command and my output is below. Is anyone able who runs a Pro (XXL) to post their output, so I could compare the two?

N0 G4P0.5

As a side note: Any plans to bring the Wiki back?

Please see:

Thank you. They are the same, but the work area is incorrect for Y, as I had that modified manually. I did run $$ prior to homing, as I can not home at the moment.

It is not relevant to my main issue, but I guess the manual changes are only applied after homing.

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