Shapeoko Proximity Switch Kit in store

Did all the Shapeoko Proximity Switch Kits sell out or is that just a place holder for them. I noticed it was under Accessories but not under Accessories/Shapeoko?



They have only just been announced and should come in stock presently — contact and someone who knows will provide information.


Not to detract from what Carbide3D does, but I used the PwnCNC limit switch kit for my recent install and it definitely works. I love just about everything PwnCNC makes and sells, but honestly I waited as long as I could for Carbide3D to finally release these…and they kept me waiting too long. There’s more wiring, soldering, and possibly some crimping-type tools you’ll need to buy to make it work, but it was a fun little project and his price for the parts is pretty good.


Thanks, I’ll check them out.

seems they are now in stock



Now I have to decide whether my old Omron mechanical switches have sufficient issues with precision or repeatability to make me upgrade…

Maybe I’ll just wait until the next one breaks and that will irritate me enough to replace them all :wink:


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