Shapeoko t-slot facing

I recently acquired a Shapeoko 3XXL and have started basic modification including a ball screw z-axis and a 2.2Kw spindle-all very good. I would like to install the t-rail system that I own from Shapeoko but am trying to figure out the best tramming /facing strategy. Eventually, I will go with a metal bed to allow for mist cooling but for now, I would like to just add the t-slot. The problem is that it is not possible to face the entirety of the “stock” wasteboard which would be ideal and allow the t-slot system to be placed on top. Has anyone come up with a strategy to address this?
Alternatively, I can simply install the T-slot system directly to the frame and face the max area possible but this would leave a “ridge” at the perimeter that would preclude extending a workpiece off the front or sides. Ultimately this may be the tradeoff?
I spent a lot of time and effort to achieve the best squaring/tramming possible and this included precise resurfacing of the X-axis carrier faces- they were a bit off not allowing the machine to be square at both front sides. Now dead on…
Would appreciate any thoughts.

The MDF is pretty regular in thickness, esp. if you seal it. Usually you don’t use the T-slot as a surface to support the stock, instead it’s scrap in-between which is so used. Most folks just tram that, and after a lot of thought on it, I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to size and place the spacer material in-between the tracks so that the entire surface of it can be cut.

That way, one can have a completely level surface with no lip around it.

Then, one can just add spacer material under clamps as necessary for any clamping which is outside the work area (which is a great thing to be able to do).

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Yes that sounds like the best approach-
beyond this I am thinking of replacing the base with an aluminum plate and then securing 8020 extrusions onto it with t-tracks to the size that can be faced. Then face the aluminum for a trammed “waterproof” bed. Follow this with a drainage collection tray, splash guards and I may be able to have poor man’s flood cooling.

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