Shapeoko threaded table question

Is the threaded table available thru the Carbide 3D store just for the regular Shapeoko or can it be used on the xl or xxl

Currently we only have aluminum threaded tables for the Nomad and the SO3 — we haven’t been able to work up a product for the XL or XXL — hopefully some day soon.

Until then, some folks have had local machine shops fabricate these. The drawing for the SO3 table is available:

you could use it to work up something compatible for the XL or XXL.


here is a full fusion model of the standard table too:

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Depending on your skill level and location, you can pick up a 1/2" (12mm) sheet of aluminum pretty cheap, and then have the machine drill the mounting holes…(It’s what I would do)


This is what I did - I’m pretty sure I designed the 360 model above. However in the UK I couldn’t find a supplier who could mill it for a reasonable price.

I can’t begin to think what a XXL would cost