Shapeoko upgrade to XL instructions


For XXL they’re all the same length. The two short ones are for the Y axis (front to back) and the long one is for X (left and right). It’s pretty obvious which one goes where.

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Indeed it is. It just struck me as funny that the photo clearly shows the three belts are not the same length. The way the instruction is worded makes it just a little bit funnier. “Note” implies that you should be looking at the photo. It added a little bit of levity to an otherwise boring afternoon. :wink:

The XL instructions were (obviously) copied from the XXL instructions — we’re working on getting these updated.


The instructions are plenty clear. When I got the Shapeoko 3 two years ago, I had a few problems with the instructions, but I figure it out without too much backtracking and with just a few swears. The upgrade has been a breeze, some due to my familiarity with the machine, but a lot of due to the improvement in instructions. So far no swearing and only one backtrack (of the PEBKAC variety).

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I noticed a lot of similar errors / typos / mis-ordered steps in the XL instructions. The machine is so well designed that it was pretty clear what the intent was, and I was able to complete the build, but it might be a good idea to have an intern build an XL with the instructions and update the instructions as they go.


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