Shapeoko Users Discord

So for the Modkita project (yes that is now the name) there have been a few people on here that I have wanted to directly communicate with. The lag from messaging back and forth was getting annoying. As such I just created a Shapeoko Users Discord server for the community. Feel free to join. Here is the Server URL: (this link should never expire)

Also if someone from Carbide3D wants to take over ownership of the server, I will be more than happy to transfer it.

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Hmm figured more people would have joined.

Joined what? For what reason?

Discord is trash for forums. None of the stuff shows up in google searches. Hard to find older stuff. Its like using facebook groups, walled off and terrible also.

I am not in any way suggesting it as a replacement for the forums. Only as a means of more realtime communication as a community.

Gave up? I wouldn’t be present much, but I was willing to try it out.

Nope. Did not know those expired. Here is a new one:

This one should never expire.

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