Shapeoko Wiki Down

Is shapeoko wiki pages down or removed completely? I could access it just a week a month ago but now they are not accessable.


Yes, it’s down, my understanding of the current plan is to move it to Bluehost — hopefully in the next week or so.

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Thanks for your quick response. Shapeoko wiki has very easy and brief description of G-Codes. I never expected that it will not be available otherwise I would have saved it locally. I need to refer to it evey now and then. I hope it will be online again.

Until it’s back on-line, there’s the Wayback Machine:

EDIT: This is now (in a very rough form) at:


You are a star man. Thanks a million. I have saved it now locally.

Thanks again.

Thanks Will! I was also looking for the wiki this week and was confused when it wasn’t available.

How is the migration going?

Haven’t heard anything — @edwardrford might be able to speak to that.

Can you talk me through how you save it locally?

Any updates? It’s a couple months later and still not working

I don’t believe it will be put back up.

I’ve begun uploading updated versions of pages on the /r/shapeoko subreddit:

If there’s something specific which you need, let me know and I’ll move it to the top of the queue.

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Thanks for doing that. there is a ton of info in that wiki, worth preserving. I didn’t see the GCode section which is one of the best descriptions out there for Grbl based machines. Would be a nice thing to add.

Why was it decided to delete the wiki? This seems like an extended middle finger to the community.

It wasn’t decided, it happened — the person who was hosting it on a personal server moved, and business-class internet wasn’t available at his new home, and there wasn’t an obvious way to get it running on a different one.

As noted above:

Folks were asking about hosting the content on the Maker Forums, but that’s a thorny thing w/ the license and attribution requirements.

I see. Does a backup exist? If so, the hackerspace I belong to could probably easily host it.

That’s not a decision for me to make — check in w/ @edwardrford

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