Shapeoko XXL 2019

Have put my Shapeoko XXL with add on of the Z-Plus up for sale and have been asked a couple times now what generation it is. I never gave it any thought other than it was the latest option at the time.
Purchased late spring or early summer of 2019. I have been able to install the Bit zero, Bit setter by adding a splitter board and Bit Runner had the pins. Sorry if describing correctly not a tech type

For a Shapeoko 3 you likely have about the current. If you have inductive homing switches you have a machine that is as current as it gets. If you have the mechanical homing switches it is obvious if you look at them they are the cherry switches.

Here is what the inductive homing switches look like.

The mechanical switches look similar to these. The Shapoko ones are black.

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Thank you, It has the inductive switches. appreciate your time