Shapeoko XXL 3D Model?

I’m looking to build an enclosure before my machine gets here. The main wiki seems to be down, and reading another wiki suggests that the router head can extend beyond the front of the bed. If that’s true, I want to build a feature into my enclosure to allow me to mount panels vertically so I can mill dowel holes, and other similar operations on thin&tall stock.

Is the above an accurate representation of what is possible? Is there a CAD model or resource that relatively accurately displays the dimensions of all the different aspects?

For the wiki see this post.

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Gave myself a haircut for new years after all the hair pulling the wiki conundrum caused at the end of 2021.
Although that’s a bit of an exaggeration, this eased a lot of my frustration Shapeoko 3 XXL Wasteboard
Hope that helps.

Yes, one can cut things in the overhang, see:


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