Shapeoko xxl coming in under 33"

I have been recently cleaning and recalibrating my xxl and am finding that the x axis travels further to the right side than the left, leaving the total working width to 32 3/4" versus 33" in my last project I needed every bit of 33" so this is a concern for me.

I manually jogged the machine to both ends and this is what I’m getting. Is there a simple fix for this?

There is nothing blocking the left side to prevent it to travel any further.

these are normally grbl settings… try getting the output of the $$ command

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We implement soft limits when jogging in Grbl ---- it will work to move the machine using G-Code commands.

I’m not sure what $$ command refers to?

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Have you checked your config. With HDZ there is a limited option to keep the suckit arms from crashing into the x rails.

Does this mean that it will go the remaining distance using a g-code file?

Yes. You just need to set the origin and movement appropriately to allow for that — may take a bit of experimentation, and I’d suggest starting by calibrating:

I calibrated using the tone method works great, thanks.

So far everything else is coming out square down to a 64th of an inch (I spent all day doing this)

So safe to say I can leave the extra gap of the left side alone as is per normal operation of the machine? It’s the only noticeable difference I can spot on the machine at this point

Yes, so long as the rails are parallel and everything is square that should be fine.