Shapeoko XXL - Crash Sound

I recently purchased Shapeoko XXL CNC Machine.

The machine from initial use was making sounds that resemble the sound of crashing, as it moves according to the G-Code. And then without a prior warning a crash sound, as one of the axes (X or Y) stops moving, and in this case the G-Code is sabotaged and the machine deviates from its path as in pictures number (1, 2 & 3).

I tried to move each axis manually, and check for slope or any unusual noise/friction.

Can you explain to us what is happening? What is the solution? I cannot complete any job; it always stops moving.

Also, when the machine connects to the software (Carbide Motion) and Initialize Machine, it goes to the upper right corner, the V-Wheels hit the Belt Clip before the Proximity Switches are triggered, and this is damaging the V-Wheels as picture number (4), any advice for that?

Hi @KaramKhrais and welcome to the forum.

I’ll address your last question first: if the vwheel hits the belt clip during homing sequence, you can un-tighten the belt clip bolt slightly, then use the tip of a flat screwdriver to rotate the clip to the right slightly, and while keeping it on that position, tighten the bolt again. This usually gives just enough additional clearance to avoid the contact between the side of the Vwheel and the belt clip.
If this is not enough, you could file the left side of the clip slightly with a Dremel (but careful not to remove too much and “open” the clip.

Regarding your first question, you should first check whether any pulley is slipping on its motor shaft, due to loose set screws:

It’s important that both set screws are present, one of them is aligned against the motor shaft’s flat, and both are tight.


Slotting (cutting an area as narrow as the endmill is side) results in near constant 100% tooling engagement and is difficult to do — best practice is to add geometry and cut as a pocket down to at least tab depth, see:

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