Shapeoko XXL Expansion

Are there any videos or assembly instructions for the xxl expansion? I started assembling mine while looking at the XXL instructions, but it’s a bit difficult with none of the bags being labeled. I also received what looks like multiple pieces for the limit switch mounting brackets. Two being black and slightly larger and the other two aluminum. Also I have multiple small black clips but can’t find any videos or instructions as to where they go.

Ideally it would just be disassemble using the instructions for the machine you have in reverse, then reassemble using the XXL instructions.

For the homing switch mounting options, does the kit have inductive/proximity homing switches? If so, see:

Thanks for the reply. It does not have the inductive switches. After looking at the the chain mount brackets further “which I was sent multiples of” it looks like they will be offset from the rails. Is that correct? If so are there any photos available of the brackets mounted along the sides of the x and y axis rails with the chains attached?

If the online instructions aren’t helping please send us photos showing your difficulty to and we’ll do our best to sort this out with you.

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