Shapeoko XXL for an Ice Adventure HD Custom

I have a one-year-old Ice Adventure HD Custom with the Shimano Steps E8000 System, the Electronic Automatic Gear Shifting, and the Integrated Smart Lighting. I only used it twice since I got it. The Shimano Electric Motor is capable of 25 mph Max speed and the battery is good for about 2 hours of Shimano triking, or 6 to 8 hours of Shimano Assisted Triking. You can see all the details about it in the following link.

The trike cost me over $4,300.00. Iā€™m looking for an even trade for a Shapeoko XXL.

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I think you would be better selling it on Bent rider On-line and purchase a used XXL here as there are more people interested in a recumbent trike there. BTW, I have a DF Velomobile so not interested in a trike.

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